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Prof. Bandar Suliman's Webpage


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  • Board-certified Consultant Clinical Scientist - Associate Professor of Molecular Immunology and Oncology

  • Inventor interested in diagnostic and molecular DNA technology and analysis

  • Certified Quality Assessor and Auditor in local and international quality systems (ISO, CBAHI, CAP)

  • Mentor & Counselor in the development of health services for medium and small enterprises

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Consultant

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Fields of Professional and Advisory knowledge & Expertise

Clinical Laboratory Sceinces

Scientific and cognitive dimensions in the field of clinical laboratory sciences and its basic, sub-, and micro-disciplines, building the scientific content of scientific and training programs, and measuring the learning outcomes and objectives of scientific and theoretical knowledge, as well as laboratory and diagnostic applications.

Quality Management Systems

Suggesting, formulating, and reviewing standards and assumptions on the basis of which a comprehensive quality system is built, and measuring and monitoring the effective performance of adherence to approved quality standards according to the scope of work of each entity or facility according to the objectives to be achieved from the application of standards.

Molecular DNA Technology

Accurate scientific knowledge of the structure of DNA, its components, and the method of its laboratory and experimental use, building analyzes and various scientific experiments to explore various mutations and fragmentations, as well as developing diagnostic techniques to discover symptoms emanating from the structures that cause disease.

Healthcare Development

Commercial experience in the health services market, the structure of the administrative and operational health system for the small and medium health facilities sector, and the elements of commercial success for the emerging and promising generation of entrepreneurs in accordance with the regulatory and legislative dimensions and to achieve the requirements of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Professional Development

An insightful and meticulous look at the Saudi labor market and the requirements of governmental and private health facilities in terms of skills and knowledge that enable job seekers in the health field to achieve the objectives of those bodies and the future of health and administrative professions in the field of health care in the Kingdom.


Dedicated site to students enrolled in academic units provided or supervised by Dr. Bandar Suliman

Online appointments booking system for scientific, research, and academic consultations with

Dr. Bandar Suliman

Professional registration document for “business analysis and development” from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development

Professional registration document “Quality Auditor and Auditor” from the International Registry of Certified Quality Auditors (IRCA)

Scientific registration as a "Chartered Scientist" through the Institute of BioMedical Sciences (IBMS), The British Science Council

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